Does Hair Also Need Vitamins?

Does Hair Also Need Vitamins?

Hair is an extremely vital part of the human body even though it doesn’t play any actual role in the human body metabolism. Hair not only adds good looks to the face but also increases the self-confidence of the human being.

Hair is frequently the most neglected of the human body until it starts viewing outward signs & symptoms like thinning, dandruff, shedding, baldness, splitting, premature graying & so on. These signs can be a mark of an inequity in the body’s interior functioning & can also be related to a chief disease in the human body. Or they can presently be due to mistreatment or neglect of the hair.

Good nourishment is vital to healthy hair development, just as it is essential to largely good healthiness. Although human body needs a range of vitamins & minerals to maintain correct body functions, there are more than a few that is specific to hair growth & health.

There are several companies that are mounting hair vitamins products from herbal & traditional ingredients like jojoba, green tea, ginseng, He Shou Wu etc, which are believed to hold the vital vitamins for promoting fit hair. One such company is Nioxin with product name Nioxin hair vitamins. The most ordinary food-based resources of these vitamins are: green vegetables, citrus fruits, strawberries, fruits like pineapple, & kiwi, green peppers, potatoes, vegetable oils, raw seeds, dried beans, soybean, wheat germ oil, whole grains, brewer’s yeast, eggs, milk, fish, liver, rice, turkey, chicken & red meat.

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